Tips on How to Sell Fire Damaged House in Houston

how to sell fire damaged house

If you own a fire-damaged house and you have been trying to sell it for months—perhaps, it has been a year already—yet no one is interested in buying it, you are not alone. Hundreds of property owners are experiencing the same situation. Selling a fire-damaged house is tough and burdensome. But do you know that […]

A Quick Guide to Documents Needed to Sell Land by Owner

documents needed to sell land by owner

There are certain documents needed to sell land by the owner. Regardless of your location, land and property owners are obliged to provide all documents—such as title deeds, purchase agreements, and zoning information—required under local governments’ jurisdiction.  With that said, this article covers the most common documents needed when selling land or property in Houston, […]

A Guide to Selling House that Needs Repairs

selling house that needs repair

For homeowners who are not familiar with how the real estate business works, selling a house that needs repairs can be challenging. Not to mention Houston’s competitive real estate market, which can make the overall process taxing and burdensome. There are steps you can take to make the process simpler, however. And the most reliable […]