Ways to Sell a Hoarder House

sell a hoarder house

To sell a hoarder house can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to find buyers for these homes due to their condition and the potential for legal issues. However, with some patience and hard work, it is possible to successfully sell a hoarder’s house in Houston. In this article, we will provide an […]

A Guide to Selling Water Damaged House

selling water damaged house

If you are selling a water damaged house and it has been months—perhaps, a year already—since you publicly listed your property as for sale yet no one is still interested to purchase it, you are not alone. Hundreds of homeowners in Houston face the same challenges. Selling a property that was damaged by water is […]

Capital Gains Tax: Everything You Need to Know

capital gains tax

Are you planning to sell your Houston property and wondering what capital gains tax is and why you are liable to pay it? Houston, being located in Texas, is a great place to live and invest. And one of the many benefits of living in Houston is that there is no state capital gains tax […]

Selling House with Tenants: A Quick Guide

selling house with tenants

You might be wondering whether selling a house with tenants is okay and legal under the law. Good news because it is possible. Selling a house with tenants, however, is a challenging and often complicated process that requires careful consideration, especially for the tenants. As the owner, as well as the seller, you have to […]