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Understanding Purchase Agreement: What You Need to Know

purchase agreement

A purchase agreement is a crucial document that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. And it is a requirement to provide the document when buying or selling a property.

Essentially, it serves as the basis for negotiations between the buyer and seller and typically signifies that the sale is positively moving forward.

As such, understanding its role in the home buying process is essential for both parties.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of a purchase offer, what it contains, and how it works. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced real estate investor, understanding the purchase offer is key to a successful transaction.

What Is a Purchase Offer?

purchase agreement

A purchase agreement is a document that contains the sale’s terms and conditions. It is an agreement between the buyer and the seller and includes crucial information. Some of the details include the sale price, property description and condition, as well as contingencies.

A purchase agreement may also include other provisions like the closing date, the method of payment, and any additional items that are part of the sale.

The seller is free to choose whether to accept the offer or not, as well as to make a counteroffer. Keep also in mind that a purchase offer is not legal until both parties signed the document.

Moreover, once the signing process is over but one of the parties failed to follow and meet the conditions in the agreement, then they will have to face legal consequences. They must accept if the other party decided to withdraw as well.

Common Terms and Conditions in a Purchase Offer

  • Sale price. It is the amount that the buyer is willing to pay for the property. The purchase price can be either a fixed amount or it can be subject to negotiation between the buyer and seller.
  • Property description. It contains details that describes the property’s appearance and overall condition structure-wise. It also includes the address, lot size and square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any other relevant details about the property.
  • Contingencies. For the sale to push through, there are specific conditions to meet. And some of the usual contingencies are home inspection and financing approval.

    Setting contingencies protect the buyer by giving them the right to withdraw the sale if certain conditions are not met.
  • Payment method. It outlines how the process and method of how the purchase price will be paid. It includes paying via cash, check, or financing. Also, if the buyer opts to pay through a financing institution, this section will also include details about the type of loan and the lender.
  • Earnest money deposit. It is a deposit made by the buyer to show their seriousness and commitment to the purchase. The amount of the deposit may differ depending on the local real estate market, but it is typically a percentage of the purchase price.
  • Closing date. As the term suggests, it is the date by which the transaction must be completed. The closing date is normally agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller and can be influenced by several aspects like financing approval and the availability of both parties to complete the sale.
  • Additional terms. Finally, a purchase offer also contains additional sale terms that may include any other provisions or requests made by the buyer. For example, the buyer may request that certain appliances or fixtures be included in the sale, or they may request a certain amount of time to complete the sale.

The Importance of Purchase Agreement

Selling your property is indeed a tough and overwhelming process. You need to understand several legal and business terms to successfully complete the sale. Otherwise, the chance of getting into a legal dispute and misunderstandings is high.

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