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Tips on How to Sell Fire Damaged House in Houston

how to sell fire damaged house

If you own a fire-damaged house and you have been trying to sell it for months—perhaps, it has been a year already—yet no one is interested in buying it, you are not alone. Hundreds of property owners are experiencing the same situation. Selling a fire-damaged house is tough and burdensome.

But do you know that there is a fast, easy, and reliable way to sell a damaged property?

Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is contact a local real estate investor like Get Your Fair Offer. Regardless of whether the damaged property is a residential or commercial building, these investors can assist in monetizing it through a sale.

Would you like to explore all available options?

Keep reading and let us assist you. This article lists all the feasible methods to sell your fire-damaged home for a fair price.

Let’s get started.

Three Tips on How to Sell Fire Damaged House

how to sell fire damaged house

Get a Professional House Assessment

The initial suggestion is to have a professional assess your Houston property. It is essential for homeowners to understand the overall state of their house, building, or apartment. This will help determine the extent of damage and whether repairs or replacements are necessary.

Doing so can help increase the value of the property even if it was burned. It will also help you the owners understand how to market the fire-damaged homes to attract potential buyers.

That said, the inspector will meticulously examine your house and provide an in-depth list of all the repairs that must be done before you can sell it. Next, seek trustworthy contractors to obtain cost estimates for the required repairs. Your research on available options will give you a better understanding of the expenses involved.

Call Your Insurance

If your property is insured, then the first thing you must do is to call your insurance company and tell them about the situation. They will help you conduct a thorough inspection of your house and help you through the process of filing a claim. It is why it is crucial to know the content and policy coverage of your insurance. 

Claims may differ from policy to policy. For instance, your company may provide advice on how to sell a fire-damaged house. Others, on the other hand, would not.

Having said that, here’s what your insurance company will do once you inform them about your property’s situation.

  • Your insurance provider will verify the condition of your property and any necessary repairs.
  • They will require a licensed inspection company to provide documentation for the job.
  • They will need to approve any remedial work before the documentation can be done.

Knowing where the insurance company stands and how much money you can expect to receive, you can make a wise decision about what to do next with your fire-damaged house in Houston.

Sell It

If the first two options don’t work for you or seem too time-consuming, your third and final option is to sell your fire-damaged house as-is. You have two options for selling your property: listing it on a real estate marketplace or working with a real estate investor.

Here’s how they differ:


Selling a burned house through an open real estate marketplace is possible. It entails, however, tricky and taxing processes. More often than not, it is not a cost-effective solution.


It is because the homeowner must repair all that can be salvaged within the burned house. And to complete the process owners must do the second tip discussed earlier, which is to call the insurance company. 

But that is if the property is insured. What if it is not?

Then the owner will have to spend money from his pocket. And that is kind of a tricky decision, especially if the damages are quite costly to fix. On a good note, it will help increase the value of your property.

Still, you must disclose to potential buyers that the house suffered minor to major fire damage, which could be unsightly to hear and reduce the house’s value even if you renovated it. 

Real Estate Investor

Selling a fire-damaged property can be hassle-free by choosing a real estate investor like Get Your Offer Fair. This is the quickest, simplest, and most dependable option for disposing of your property as-is.

Real estate investors are experienced in buying and selling homes and are often willing to purchase properties “as-is.” It means that you do not have to do repairs and improvements to sell your property.

Partnering with an investor eliminates the need to endure the challenging and time-consuming traditional home-selling process.


Selling a fire-damaged house is indeed a tough and demanding process. If you want a fast, hassle-free, and reliable way to profit off of your property, then contact Get Your Fair Offer now and consider your house sold!

Get Your Fair Offer is a reputable real estate investor in Houston. We ensure that you receive only the fairest and best value for your property.

Reach out to us now and get a REAL offer! Call us at 281-709-2999.

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