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How to Successfully Sell House During Divorce

sell house during divorce

To sell house during a divorce is a tough process that many find emotionally draining. But with the right steps and preparation, it can be done effectively.

In this guide, we will provide the key steps involved in selling a house during a divorce. From consulting with a lawyer to understanding the legal requirements to working with a real estate agent to help with pricing, marketing, and negotiations, we will give you valuable tips to help you navigate the process successfully.

Let’s start!

Steps to Do If You Want to Sell House During Divorce

sell house during divorce

Consult with a Lawyer

The first thing you should do—as well as the most important step—is to consult with a lawyer first. You must understand all legal processes and factors when selling a property that is obtained during the marriage. And that includes legal compliance, property division, protecting your interests, as well as how to avoid disputes.

During the divorce process, you are likely to receive court orders and agreements that you must comply with—and that includes selling any property. It is why you must have a lawyer who will advise and guide you with all the requirements and documents needed to legally sell a property without breaking court orders. 

Doing so also helps you to avoid possible disputes, as a result. Your lawyer can protect your interest in terms of financial and legal in the sale of the property as well. 

Overall, reaching out to an experienced lawyer will provide you with valuable legal guidance to help ensure that the sale is handled smoothly and equitably.

Consider House Repair and Upgrade

If you and your spouse have decided to sell your house before you separate ways, then it would be beneficial to consider a house repair and upgrade—especially if you have the budget!

Here are the reasons why:

  • It improves its market value. Making repairs and upgrades can significantly increase your house’s market value. And, as a result, can lead to a better selling price and quick sale!
  • Enhance the property’s overall look and condition. Doing simple repairs and upgrades—particularly in the house exterior and even interior—can improve your property’s overall look. Enhancing its appearance can make it look new, as well, which is likely to lead to fast sales.
  • It will attract more potential buyers. Buyers normally look for properties that are in good condition and require little work. By doing small repairs and upgrades, you can make the property more attractive and, at the same time, increase the chances of a successful sale.

Hire a Real Estate Appraiser

The next step is to consult with a real estate appraiser. A real estate appraiser can help determine—if not the exact value—the best asking price for your property. He will provide an objective estimate based on comparable sales in the area and other relevant factors.

Your real estate appraiser will then provide a comprehensive report about your property and its market value. It may also include an analysis of your house’s condition, market trends, and other factors that can impact its value.

Such details can be useful when making decisions about repairs or other improvements to the property.

Decide How You Want to Sell It

Finally, it is time to decide how you and your spouse want to sell your house. You have two viable options. The first one is to publicly list your property in the market, and the second is to sell it as-is to a real estate investor.

Here’s how the two differ:

Property Listing

Property listing or publicly putting your property on sale is the first and the usual choice homeowners consider when selling their house. Placing it in a real estate marketplace is where potential buyers will find out about the property and hopefully make an offer.

 However, do keep in mind that a property listing would not guarantee a quick sale. Unless you hire a real estate agent. 

Professional real estate agents can help you sell your house faster and, of course, for a good selling price. These people often have access to resources that help them market these properties effectively so that they can attract the right buyers at the right price.

Real Estate Investor

If you want a quick, hassle-free, and reliable transaction, selling it to a Houston real estate investor such as Get Your Fair Offer would be the best option! Reaching out to a real estate investor is the best option if you do not have the budget to fix your house, make some upgrades, and go through all unnecessary processes.

Real estate investors are often willing to buy houses as-is and in cash as well, which is a double win for property owners who are going through a divorce like you and need quick cash. They give the best and fair price your property deserves as well.  

As such, selling it to a real estate investor is wiser rather than publicly list your property in the market.


To sell house during divorce is indeed a tough and demanding process. If you want a fast, hassle-free, and reliable way to profit off of your property, then contact Get Your Fair Offer now and consider your house sold!

Get Your Fair Offer is one of Houston’s trustworthy real estate investors. We guarantee to give you the best and fair price offer only, which your property deserves.

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