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A Guide to Selling House that Needs Repairs

selling house that needs repair

For homeowners who are not familiar with how the real estate business works, selling a house that needs repairs can be challenging. Not to mention Houston’s competitive real estate market, which can make the overall process taxing and burdensome.

There are steps you can take to make the process simpler, however. And the most reliable option is through working with a real estate investor such as Get Your Fair Offer.

But that is not the only option you have as a homeowner!

With that said, this article covers all options homeowners can take to successfully sell a house that needs repairs.

Selling House that Needs Repairs

selling house that needs repair

Renovate It

If you own a house that needs repairs, the very first thing you would do is to fix what must be fixed. The same goes if you want to sell it.

Potential homebuyers do not prefer damaged houses—particularly those that are overly mangled—as it is unsightly to look at and is often valued less financially. Thus, you need to make renovations and, if possible, a few house improvements.

The first you must do is to assess the house’s overall condition. It will help you determine what needs to be repaired and other types of house improvement that you can do. Make a list and label which is most important and least important.

That said, renovations can include anything from minor to major repairs. You can also do small interior upgrades to major remodeling. And, at some point, you may need to address plumbing, roofing and HVAC system issues. Other improvements include water heater replacement, electrical panel upgrades, septic tank repairs, and mold remediation.

Overall, the decision must be based on your goal. If it is to make a big stash of money, then a major renovation and home improvement could pay you off. You will be able to increase its value and make it more attractive to buyers. Plus, by doing so, you can avoid any post-inspection price reductions that could otherwise have occurred due to necessary repairs.

Remember that buyers will put a lot of their available cash towards the down payment, so they are not looking to set aside any money to make improvements to their purchases.

Make a Few, Small Repairs

If you do not have enough money for a major home renovation, then doing a few, small repairs could help you sell your Houston house too. There are several easy and cost-effective home repairs and upgrades that would not break your bank.

Some of these include putting fresh coats of paint in the main rooms, fixing the faucets in the bathrooms and kitchens, adding new lighting fixtures or bulbs, and cleaning the floors and carpets. You can also do landscaping, painting the fences, and fixing up the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen.

Keep in mind that it is less about trying to make everything look perfect, and more about increasing the curb appeal of your property despite its many repair needs.

On the other hand, if you have some sort of budget, then making simple home improvements such as installing energy-efficient windows and upgrading roof insulation can help increase the value of your house and, in return, make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Sell Your House As-Is

Repairs and upgrades require a significant amount of money. While it could increase the value of your house, it does not guarantee you a quick and smooth deal. 

Selling it to a Houston real estate investor such as Get Your Fair Offer, however, could guarantee you that! Reaching out to a real estate investor is the best option if you do not have the budget to fix your house and make some upgrades.

These companies are willing to buy houses as-is and in cash, which is a double win for property owners like you. They give the best and fair price your property deserves as well.  

Thus, selling it to a real estate investor is wiser rather than listing it on the marketplace.

Selling House that Needs Repairs is Easy!

Selling a house that needs repairs is indeed a tough and demanding process. Not to mention you will have to use your own money to fix and make upgrades in order to attract potential buyers as well as increase its value. 

As such, if you want a fast, hassle-free, and reliable way to profit off of your property, then contact Get Your Fair Offer now and consider your house sold!

Get Your Fair Offer is one of Houston’s trustworthy real estate investors. We guarantee to give you the best and fair price offer only, which your property deserves.

Reach out to us now and get a REAL offer! Call us at 281-709-2999. 

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