for a REAL offer in 7 minutes


Naomi Velazquez

Houston, TX

“NDI was recommended to me by my friend / new roommate, Robyn. I was falling behind on Mortgage Payments and had a change of employer that made it so I could no longer afford my old house. Robyn actually used NDI in the past and basically told me how fast and fair the prices/process was. Of course, Robyn and I live together now and we are saving a ton of money! NDI definitely played a major role in making it possible. The entire process took a few days. Highly recommend”

Jared Parsons

Houston, TX

“My experience with NDI was a very positive one. I inherited a property from my grandparents and I couldn’t afford to pay both my home and the new property’s taxes. NDI made me a great offer and I took it. I was surprised the selling process of a home could be so fast.